Thank You Notes – 2014

Thank you to all those who supported the Music Festival in 2014.

Intermediate Musical Theatre Vocal Award &  Best of the Fest
Thank you SO much for your generous donation that went towards my Intermediate Musical Theatre Vocal Award. Your helpful donation all surely go towards my post-secondary musical education!  I can’t thank you enough!

Wow!  Thank you again for your incredible donation that went towards my “Best of the Fest” Vocal award.  Your generosity is absolutely amazing!  Your donation will be going toward by post- secondary musical education.

THANK YOU! Kindest regards, Sidney Cummings

Grade 3 Piano
My name is Tessa and I was awarded the grade 3 piano scholarship at the Shuswap Music Festival.  Thank you very much for the money.  I enjoyed playing the piano, and hope to play at the next Festival!  Tessa Elliot

Intermediate Strings Ensemble
Thank you for the award! Sincerely, Simone & Anna Konrad   (Illustrated drawing)

Outstanding Intermediate Classical Vocal, Vocal Duet & Mary Fowler Award
Thank you for such a wonderful award! It is a great privilege to have not only received it, but also to participate in such a wonderful event.
Sincerely, Griffin Victor

Grade Four Strings
Thank you for the grade four strings scholarship.
Sincerely, Simone Konrad (on a musically illustrated drawing)

Grade 10 Piano
Music Festival is a great opportunity for young musicians. Thank you for sponsoring this event. We appreciate your generous donations. The adjudicators were enjoyable and gave me a valuable experience.
Thank you again for making this inspiring event possible. Grace Neudorf

Intermediate Piano Concert Class
Thank you to the donors for my Concert Class Award, and to the Shuswap Music Festival Executing for the opportunity to be in your festival.
Jennika Bobryk  (on colourful musically illustrated paper)

Grade Six Strings
Thank  you  for  the  Grade  Six  Strings  Scholarship! Sincerely,  Anna  Konrad  (musically  illustrated)

Scholarship Recipients June 18, 2014
Junior Piano Duet

Outstanding Intermediate Piano & Piano Composition 
Thank you so much: to the donor of the Outstanding Intermediate piano award. Thank you very much for donating $75. To the donor of the Intermediate Piano Composition award: Thank you very much for donating $40. I am very happy to have received this award. I really appreciate it! From Ella Ryan

Best Jazz Band
The students in the Sullivan Jazz Band would like to say thank you to the Shuswap Music Festival Society for the $200 scholarship. The funds will be used to buy more music for the group. We look forward to next years’ Festival.
Signed by Band  Members

Senior Piano Duet
Thank you so much for presenting us with the senior piano duet award. We had a lot of fun playing this in the Festival and at the Night of Stars, and it was great to hear all the other  groups perform too! Libby Wyse & Jenny Sunderland

Thank you, for all the work you did for the music festival. I really appreciate how you support all the young musicians and give them scholarships and money.  The money part really is quite generous.
After the festival I feel more inspired in my pursuit of music. So once again, thank you very much for your generous contribution. Sincerely, Emma Knutson

Outstanding senior piano & Senior piano ensemble
Thank you so much to the Shuswap Music Festival for always putting on an amazing event.  I’ve been playing in the Festival for 9 years and always find it beneficial towards my skills in piano. Thank you as well for the scholarship!  I hope to use it to buy more music books for my piano studies!
Thanks again! Ashley Fong

Intermediate Strings Ensemble
Thank you for donating! It is such a pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful music community. It’s a great opportunity and experience to be able to play in the Shuswap Music Festival. We learned a lot and it was inspiring to watch others play as well. We look forward to participating next year!  (musically illustrated)
From Holly McCallum & Robyn De Wet

Best Secondary School Band
The students in the Jackson Concert Band would like to send a special thank you to the Shuswap Music Festival Society for the $200 Scholarship.  The funds will be used to buy more music and reeds for the woodwind section.  We look forward to next years’ Festival.  Sincerely,
Signed by over 40 Band Members

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