There are many changes involved in hosting a “Virtual Festival”. Please note that there is no
requirement for a performance venue since all performances will be pre-recorded and
submitted by the contestants. The deadline for uploading these submissions to U-Tube is
Monday, April 5, 2021. They will not be available for public viewing. If Covid-19 restrictions
permit Band performances, then they will be held and adjudicated onsite at the respective
schools. A schedule for the Band discipline will be posted when available.

Disciplines and Adjudicators:
The adjudicators will receive submitted AV recordings for their discipline and provide
adjudications by email during the Festival from April 12 to 30. The exception is Band where a
live adjudication would be provided onsite.
Vocal: Winston Noren
Junior Piano: Cynthia Goddard
Senior Piano: Maureen Hollis
Strings: Joel Stobbe
Band: Gordon Waters


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