2018 Award Winners

Presented to Holly McCallum and Jessica Neudorf by Lindsay Wong, Shuswap Community Foundation

Presented to Stephen Moore by Jane Hein

Best Performance in a Foreign Language Presented to Saige Dubyna by Terry Logan

Presented to Jonas Roberts by Lorne Lazzarotto

Excellence in Classical Voice ~ Presented to Elise Parsonage by Reid Fowler

Vocal Awards

Rotary Clubs “Best of the Fest” in Voice:  Afton Papworth
Presented by Carl Flatman, President of Shuswap Rotary Club
Outstanding Junior Classical:  Devan Lansdowne
Outstanding Intermediate Classical:  Saige Dubyna
Outstanding Senior Classical:  Elise Parsonage
Junior Musical Theatre:  Evje Knutson and Peyton Gecse
Intermediate Musical Theatre:  Carlee Cleveland, Macie Lewis and Carys Watts
Senior Musical Theatre:  Elise Parsonage
Adjudicator’s Awards:  Elise Parsonage and Jonas Roberts

Choir Awards

Best Youth Choir:  VCMS Youth Chorus
Best Adult Choir:  Vallée Harmony
Best Ensemble Choir:  Shuswap Barbershop Project

Band Awards

Band Awards ~ Announced by Barry Johnson, Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union
Best Elementary/Middle School Band:  Carlin Elementary Grade 7/8 Concert Band
Best Secondary School Concert Band:  Jackson Concert Band
Best Jazz Band:  Sullivan Jazz Band

String Awards

Rotary Clubs “Best of the Fest” in Strings: Presented by Martin Ketteringham, Rotary Club of Salmon Arm to Holly McCallum

BCRMTA Shuswap Branch Awards ~ Presented by President, Jane Hein 
to Aleta Lu and Jasmin Schweitzer

Outstanding Junior:  Hannah Breugem
Outstanding Senior:  Holly McCallum
Junior Concert Class:  Karina White
Intermediate Concert Class:  Olivia Sunderland

Graded Strings Scholarships

Grade 1:  Hugh Weathermon
Grade 2:  Hannah Breugem
Grade 3:  Claire Weathermon
Grade 4:  Anya Massa
Grade 10:  Jasmin Schweitzer

Piano Awards

Rotary Clubs “Best of the Fest” in Piano:  Jessica Neudorf
Presented by Rob Hislop, Rotary Club of Salmon Arm, Daybreak

BCRMTA Shuswap Branch Awards ~ Presented by President, Jane Hein

Junior:  Nicole Tomlinson
Intermediate:  Kyla Nicks
Senior:  Shiloh Jansen
Advanced Senior:  Samantha Vukadinovic
Outstanding Junior:  Venetia Trentalance
Outstanding Intermediate:  Jonathan Breugem
Outstanding Senior:  Holly McCallum
Junior Duet:  Melissa Neil & Rachel Maclean
Intermediate Duet:  May & Ava Stanley
Senior Duet:  Jonathan Breugem & Matthew Neudorf
Advanced Senior Duet Award:  Samantha & Hilary Vukadinovic
Junior Concert Class:  John Langridge
Senior Concert Class:  Jennika Bobryk
Composition Class:  Holly McCallum
Piano Ensembles Awards Presented by Chris Papworth, Salmar Community Assoc.
Concerto Award:  Aleta Lu
Intermediate 2 Pianos Ensemble Award:  Jenna Maclean & Brynne Smith
Senior 2 Pianos Ensemble Award:  Teslyn Bates & Julianne Moore
Advanced Senior 2 Pianos Ensemble Award:  Jessica Neudorf & Holly McCallum
Int 2 Pianos 8 Hands:  Ava Stanley, Alexanne Lepage, Joshua Mark, May Stanley
Advanced Senior 2 Pianos 8 Hands Award:  Jessica Neudorf, Holly McCallum, Robyn de Wet & Eva Mosher

Graded Piano Scholarships

Grade 1:  Beatrice Gagne & Emma Muddiman
Grade 2:  Venetia Trentalance
Grade 3:  Nicole Tomlinson
Grade 4:  Brynne Smith
Grade 5:  Camille Hanry
Grade 6:  Austin Tomlinson
Grade 7:  Matthew Neudorf
Grade 8:  Ashley Nicks & Hilary Vukadinovic
Grade 9:  Teslyn Bates
Grade 10:  Stephen Moore

Provincial Recommendations

Announced by Roger Parenteau, Shuswap Community Foundation:

PIANO ~ Junior A Piano:  Teslyn Bates (Competitor)
Intermediate Piano:  Jessica Neudorf (Competitor), Stephen Moore (Merited Participant)
STRINGS ~ Intermediate Strings:  Holly McCallum (Competitor)
VOCAL ~ Junior Classical:  Saige Dubyna (Competitor), Zaela Thiessen (Merited Participant) and Jenna Romailler (Merited Participant)
Intermediate Classical: Elise Parsonage (Competitor)
Junior Musical Theatre: Carys Watts (Competitor)
CHOIRS ~ VCMS Youth Chorus, Vallée Harmony & Shuswap Barbershop Project