Thank You Notes – 2016


2016 Thank Yous

Libby Wyse – Rotary Best of the Fest Strings & Strings Concert Class Award
Thank you so much for awarding me the Strings Concert Class Award and the Best of the Fest Strings Award.  I really enjoyed playing in the festival and I appreciate your support of my musical studies!

Paige Tower – Rotary Best of the Fest Vocal
Thank you very much for this esteemed award.  It is a remarkable honour to receive The Best of the Fest award.

Andrew Stoney – Rotary Best of the Fest Piano & Blair Borden Memorial Scholarship
Big thanks to the Festival organizers and donors for these honours & awards!

Emily Wark – Blair Borden Memorial Scholarship (piano)
To the donors of the Blair Borden Memorial Scholarship and the Shuswap Music Festival Executive, Thank you so much for the scholarship.  I am honoured to have been chosen.  I am very excited and honoured to receive the Blair Borden Memorial Scholarship!  I had a wonderful and amazing experience at the music festival.  This was my first year playing at the ARTC level, and it was such a privilege to get instruction from an amazing adjudicator!  I am studying to achieve a Performance Degree in piano in ARCT next year, and what I’ve learned from playing in the festival this year has been fantastic.
Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event that brings together so many people who share the common love of music!

Jenae VanGameren -Blair Borden Memorial Scholarship (voice) & Outstanding Senior Classical Voice
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your generous scholarships of $250. & $80.  I am taking my ARCT voice exam in June and have been paying for all of my lessons on my own as well as paying for my exam which came to $650.  So all money that I have made from the festival will be going towards my exam.  Thank you for continuing to support local talent for so many years.  It is a true blessing to have the support of my community behind me. . . I have been doing this festival for about 8 or 9 years now, and this is my final one.  I have learned so much over the years thanks to the festival.  Much thanks and love.

Teslyn Bates BCRMTA  – Shuswap Branch Senior Piano
To the RMTA  Thank you so  much for my scholarship.  I really appreciate it.  I recognize how much work you have put in this.

Stephen Moore – Grade 9 Piano Scholarship
Dear donors of the music festival. Thank you very much for the grade 9 piano scholarship I received this year at the music festival.  I really appreciate the opportunity to play in the festival and receive great feedback from the adjudicator.  I plan on using my scholarship towards my grade 10 piano books and all the support is greatly appreciated.  I can’t wait to come back and play next year!  Thanks!

Four enthusiastic girls – 2 Piano, 8 Hands Piano Ensemble Award
Thank you so much for organizing the festival every year and giving us an opportunity to perform and have fun!  We love playing together. – Eva Mosher
Thanks so much for the support and encouragement you’ve given us!  I always love playing together every year! – Jessica Neudorf
Thank you so much for supporting us in having fun and dressing up!  We love playing together!  – Holly McCallum
Thank you so much for all you have done to support the music festival.  It is such an amazing experience getting to play together as a group each year, and I look forward to doing another ensemble piece with these girls next year!   – Robyn de Wet

Simone Konrad – Grade 6 Strings
Thank you for the Grade six strings award!

Mira Shaw – Grade 1 Piano Scholarship
Thank you!  (Illustrated with musical signs & flowers)

Anya Massa – Outstanding Junior Strings
Dear Shuswap Music Festival Society, Thank you for including me in the festival.  Thank you for my scholarship award.  I love to perform on my violin and I appreciate the support.

Jonathan Breugem – Junior Piano Duet
Thank you Shuswap Music Festival Society for your encouragement and scholarship. (hand painted card)

Sullivan Jazz Band – Best Jazz Band
Thanks so much for the $200 scholarship.  The Sullivan Jazz Band will use the money to purchase new music for the group.  Thanks for the support from the Shuswap Music Festival Society.  Signed by 18 students.

Rachel Bates
Hello!  I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve done for my fellow students and me this year.  Participating in the Festival is a great learning experience!  It’s something to push us to work for our end year goals and teaches us how to improve our performances.  It’s especially helpful to me, as I’m doing my grade 8 exam this year, and with the adjudicators advice I’ll be able to be much more confident for that exam.  Your donations make a huge difference on the music community.  Thank you for your generosity.

Ashley Nicks – Outstanding Junior Piano
Thank you for everything you did to make the Shuswap Music Festival possible.  It was a great honour for me to participate in the Gala Concert and to receive the scholarship.  Also the tips that the adjudicator gave me were very helpful.  Gratefully yours, Ashley

Holly McCallum -Outstanding Senior Piano & Outstanding Intermediate/ Senior Strings Award
Thank you!  I have always loved playing music and performing so I am truly honoured to have received your scholarships.
A little about Holly . . . “My name is Holly McCallum.  I am 14 years old and play grade 9 piano and grade 8 cello.  I study piano with Jane Hein in Salmon Arm and Cello with Morna Howie at Vernon Community Music School.  I also play in lots of ensembles as well as perform with the Okanagan Symphony Youth Orchestra.” (Hand coloured cards)

Jessica Neudorf & Holly McCallum – Senior Piano Duet & Two Piano – 4 hands
Thank you for all your wonderful encouragement towards us in our playing.  It is very special to us to their together as we have lots of fun.
We are both very thankful for your kind generosity in supporting us while making music fun together. (Holly) We will continue having fun through our music together.  (Jessica)
A little about Jessica. . . “I’m Jessica and I’m 15.  I am doing piano grade 9, just starting grade 10, and I plan on doing my ARTC.” (Hand coloured cards)

Zachary Naish – Grade 5 Piano Scholarship
To the Shuswap Music Festival Society,  Thank you for your generous donation  It means a lot to kids like me when we are rewarded for our participation in music.  Also, it encourages us to practise more frequently and aspire to the highest level we can achieve on our musical instrument/voice.  Because of this recognition for my efforts, I am pushing myself harder to become the best pianist I can be.  So, again, thank you for your gift and the impact it has had on my life.

Evje Knutson – Outstanding Junior Classical Vocal
Dear Shuswap Music Festival, Thank you for $40. of scholarship money.  I hope to see you next year.

Autumn Sunderland – Grade 2 Strings Scholarship
Dear Shuswap Music Festival Society, thank you for inviting me to the Gala Performance and for the money.  I’m having fun playing the violin.  THANK YOU

Josiah Trentalance – Junior Musical Theatre & Best Intermediate Vocal Ensemble
Thank you for supporting me with these scholarships, because this has inspired me to continue on.  I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead with my music.  I will use the money carefully and put it into my musical future.  This is my first year in Musical Festival and I hope to be a part of this event next year.  From your participator. . .

Anna Konrad – Grade 8 Strings
Thank you for the Grade 8 strings award.  I really appreciate it!  🙂

Jace Mortenson – Pre Grade 1 Piano Scholarship
Thank you Shuswap Music Festival Society and donors for blessing me with a scholarship.  I will use this for learning and growing my music.  Jace.

Grace Neudorf – ARCT Piano Scholarship
To the donors of the Shuswap Music Festival,  Thank you for supporting the Music Festival.  It is a great opportunity for young musicians to share their music and learn from the constructive criticism of the adjudicators.  I enjoy taking part in this valuable learning experience.  Thank you again for encouraging the participants to continue on their musical journey.

Anastasia Martens – Grade 9 cello
Thank you so much for the grade 9 Strings Scholarship!  It means a lot that you help support my music and make my dreams possible!  I have loved coming to the Shuswap music festival since I was four years old, and always have such a great experience.  Thank you so much for contributing to my love of music.  I couldn’t imagine my life without cello.

Jacob Huntington – Grade 4 Piano Scholarship & BCRMTA Junior Piano Award
This is a note to say thank you for the scholarship given by the BCRMTA Shuswap Branch & Shuswap Music Festival Society.  Thanks for supporting my piano, and encouraging me to go on in my practicing and performing.  For now I’m saving the $15.  and $25 scholarships.   Sincerely JH.

The Jackson Concert Band – Best Secondary School Concert Band
Thank you very much for the Scholarship funds.  The Jackson Concert Band will put this money towards new music.  We also want to thank the festival for the excellent adjudication from Mr. Stiggings.  Signed by 40 students.

Unsigned from Enderby
Dear Shuswap Music Festival Society and Donors,  Thank you for the scholarship you gave me.  I can’t wait for next year’s festival.  Thank you!  You are the BEST EVER!

Julianne Moore – Grade 7 Piano Scholarship
Thank you for my Grade 7 scholarship for piano.  I will use the money to buy my piano books for next year. Sincerely JM

Aria Izik-Dzurko- Advanced Senior BCRMTA Award & Grade 10 Piano Scholarship
I am writing to thank you for generously providing me with the advanced Senior Piano and Grade 10 piano scholarships.  In doing so, you have not only demonstrated your commitment to maintaining a vibrant classical music scene in our area, but also your commitment to encouraging the development of musicians like myself.
I have come to appreciate music festivals for a number of reasons.  First, they provide me with a meaningful goal that motivates me to work harder than I otherwise would.  Second, they give me the opportunity to learn from high-level musicians from outside our area and grow from the unique perspective they bring to my playing.  Last it is always inspiring to see what other musicians and myself are able to accomplish when we truly apply ourselves!
Thank you for encouraging me to keep pursuing music and putting in the hard work necessary to succeed at it.  I believe that classical music teaches me a great deal as well as adding beauty to my life.  I know that music can make a real difference in our world and I feel very lucky to be part of a community that values the arts so much.  I hope to contribute to the vibrant cultural life in our area as I continue on my musical journey.

Benjamin Sui – Grade 8 Piano Scholarship
Thank you for the cheque!  (with fun musical illustrations)

Anna & Simone Konrad – Intermediate/Senior String Ensemble
Thank you for the Strings Ensemble award!