Junior Piano – Nina Horvath

Nina Horvath is a Vancouver based musician active as a pianist, vocalist and administrator. Raised in Rossland, BC, Nina completed her Teacher’s ARCT before going on to further studies at the University of Victoria, University of Denver and University of British Columbia.

Nina’s greatest passion has always been collaborating with other artists, especially in the creation of new works. She has always been an active leader in the musical community working as a co-founder and director of three new vocal ensembles while in Victoria and as the creator of the First Tuesdays concert series in Denver. She has had the privilege of working with many acclaimed artists and has pursued extra studies in vocal coaching and art song. 

As a performer, Nina has been fortunate to work as a chorister and pianist on three different continents. She has collaborated with artists throughout Canada and the United States with a special focus on vocal and brass music. She is committed to bringing music to small communities like those in her home region of the West Kootenays, where she regularly returns to perform. She has worked from coast to coast, including a year on staff for the Fountain School of Performing Arts at Dalhousie University. She has served as music director on productions in Victoria, Salzburg, Halifax and Vancouver. She is also a committed teacher who has mentored students to award winning festival and exam performances. 

Today, Nina divides her time in Vancouver between serving as Executive Director for Coastal Jazz, singing with the Vancouver Cantata Singers, working as a pianist and coach at the Vancouver Academy of Music, and playing for as many local singers and instrumentalists as she can. She served as Executive Director for the Vancouver Bach Choir from 2017-2021. When not immersed in music, you can find her adventuring in the mountains.